Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD

High Quality Physician Formulated Supplements. Numerous product video explanations and free e-books including recipe books and Leaky gut, SIBO, Candida, Thyroid and Autoimmune e-books. A true Wealth of Information in a beautiful, easy to navigate website! Visit now to get your free resources!

Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD Products, Books & Programs

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Do you ever wish there was a ‘one-stop-shop’ so to speak for auto-immune disease? Or candida, leaky gut & SIBO issues?

All of the above have connections to anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Amy Myers MD but if you haven’t… “Amy Myers MD is the Creator of The Myers Way®; a functional medicine approach that focuses on the individual, finding the root cause for their illness, and treating more than just the symptoms.” – Amy Myers MD website.  Her main focus is Autoimmunity, Thyroid, Leaky gut, Candida and SIBO.

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Encore Weekend Anxiety Summit 6

Update: Anxiety Summit 6 has ended. Click Here to Own the Talks.

Nov 14-16, 2020  Anxiety Summit 6 Encore Weekend!

Join for free, it’s online and you can purchase the talk videos or transcripts for a reasonable price so you can listen later.

The “top-voted” talks are listed below — all talks are unlocked today through Monday at 10 a.m. U.S. Eastern (New York time).

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Nutrients for Anxiety Relief

Update: Anxiety Summit 6 has ended. Please Click Here to Own the Talks.

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Hello Everyone!

In Trudy Scott’s 14-page eGuide, Top 10 Surprising Nutrients for Toxin Support and Anxiety Relief, you’ll discover research-backed nutrients and herbs that offer protection against toxins and provide anxiety relief!

She has also included interviews that deep-dive into each nutrient during The Anxiety Summit 6, going on Nov 2-8, 2020. Join us to learn more from the summit experts.

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Natural Medicine At Home

Update: Natural Medicine at Home has ended. Please click here to own the talks.

October 27, 2020  – Last Day to Get Your Complimentary Natural Medicine eBooks at a discount.

Join more than 79,000 people that have ALREADY accessed these eBooks from Dr. Michelle Sands when you unlock these COMPLIMENTARY gifts about using food, movement and your mind as natural medicine. You’ll learn everything you need to know to set the foundation for a lifetime of optimal health and well being — add them to your virtual medicine cabinet to learn at your own pace!

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Integrative Cancer Care: Things You Never Knew

Update: The Anti-Cancer Revolution 2 has ended. Please click here to Own the talks.

Hello Everyone!

A cancer diagnosis can trigger anxiety and uncertainty, to say the least. Getting educated and staying informed can help.

Ryan Sternagel has put some amazing work into The Anti-Cancer Revolution 2.  Purchase the Talks and Unlock Free Content.

This event will allow you to learn from the expert wisdom that’s so important to creating an anti-cancer mindset and lifestyle.

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