Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD

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High Quality Physician Formulated Supplements. Numerous product video explanations and free e-books including recipe books and Leaky gut, SIBO, Candida, Thyroid and Autoimmune e-books. A true Wealth of Information in a beautiful, easy to navigate website! Visit now to get your free resources!

Recommend Amy Myers

Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD Products, Books & Programs

Immune Support Kit,  AutoImmune Solution Program, and  Candida Breakthrough Program all on Sale Now!

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Get Your Five Free Resources Here! Click on the Lifestyle tab and scroll down.

Do you ever wish there was a ‘one-stop-shop’ so to speak for auto-immune disease? Or candida, leaky gut & SIBO issues?

All of the above have connections to anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Amy Myers MD but if you haven’t… “Amy Myers MD is the Creator of The Myers Way®; a functional medicine approach that focuses on the individual, finding the root cause for their illness, and treating more than just the symptoms.” – Amy Myers MD website.  Her main focus is Autoimmunity, Thyroid, Leaky gut, Candida and SIBO.

I can’t remember how I originally found Amy Myers MD website but the first thing I liked was how well her website is organized. That’s probably not what you expected me to say!

There is a ton of information on her website, which is the second thing I loved, but it’s not overwhelming or confusing.

The third thing I love and will discuss more below are all the ways to save money. There are some other high quality product companies that I love… but they NEVER have any sales or coupons!

When you can find superior quality products combined with ways to save … that’s the ultimate find!

I believe you will love her website as much as I do. I can’t begin to list all her accomplishments here but her personal story resonated with me in that she is a mom who was diagnosed with Graves disease and her doctors were not able to help her so she opened her own clinic and started helping people with auto-immune, gut and thyroid issues. Her website is so full of information and easy to navigate even with fog brain!

Since I have brain fog I appreciate things like that!

Overview of the Amy Myers MD Website  Use my Promo Code MAAT10

On the Home Page there is a Start Here Tab, from there you can take a brief quiz about your symptoms and the results will recommend one of the health kits which are comprised of pharmaceutical-grade, physician-formulated, non-GMO supplements.

Next, on the Start Here page, Amy invites you to register for her Free Workshop – 5 Ways to Reverse Autoimmune Disease (That Your Doctor Won’t Tell You), which I did. In watching the video (workshop) I learned how much Dr Myers cares about people, I learned about her background and what her motivation is for helping others but most of all I learned that autoimmune disease is actually reversible and it doesn’t matter which organs it affects… they all go back to the immune system. In the end Yes she does offer her Autoimmunity program for sale but at a $100 discount which for everything you get is an amazing deal especially when you start seeing results.

The last item on the Start Here page is an invitation to join the Facebook group which I also did. I’m not a big Facebook person so I’m not sure how much I will actually use that feature.

Under the Lifestyle tab there are articles, recipes, and a meal planning tool on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. With the meal planning tool, you get over 175 recipes and you can customize them and generate a shopping list. At the bottom of the resources tab are 5 free resources which are a wealth of information on autoimmunity, thyroid, candida, leaky gut and SIBO.

Lastly, there is the Shop tab where you can find all the supplements, protein and things like Cookie Dough Collagen bars! The supplements cover hormone, adrenal, MTHFR support and so much more than I could list here.

Every single product page is formatted exactly the same and again you will appreciate the organization and detail included here:

  • Product video – Amy explains how the product works and the specific mechanisms it addresses in the body.
  • If you prefer not to watch the video, there is a concise checklist of exactly what the product does.
  • 4 Tabs: Description, Ingredients, Why Buy, and Shipping info
  • Same location on each product page are easy to read icons showing non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, etc.
  • An FAQ section
  • Same location on each product page are icons showing which of Amy’s programs this product is suitable for.
  • Customer reviews


Amy Myers’  knowledge in her chosen specialties is extensive as you will see from all the information given on each and every product sales page as well as the 5 Free Resources accessed through the Lifestyle tab. I refer back to these often.

Amy’s name and reputation are attached to this company and It won’t take you long to realize that she does not skimp or cut corners on her product ingredients.

Every product page includes the ‘Why Buy’ tab where you can access her 7-minute video about the quality of her products as well as the written facts listed below the video.

I will let you visit and see for yourself since it is all explained much better than I could here.

Ways to Save at Amy Myers MD

There are tons of ways to save money at this amazing company.

  • My Promo code – MAAT10 – takes $10 off your first order
  • Sign up for Newsletter – $10 coupon
  • Rakuten – earn 2.5% Cashback on your purchases
  • Subscribe and Save – 10% off products + Free shipping, Never run out of your favorite products.
  • 15% off on a certain product each week. All Kits on Sale now.  Check Website Here
  • Coupons come with your orders, I just received a 15% off coupon with my order.
  • When you purchase a program you receive 15% off any products you choose to buy.
  • Earn & Redeem Rewards Points – Create an account, lot’s of ways to earn
  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders

Giving Program

There are so many ways Amy Myers gives but I won’t re-create her ‘My Giving Program’ page here. You can read all the details on her website when you click on About > Giving. However, I will say, as a customer, a portion of every single purchase you make is donated to one of 5 charities.

Just go to your account settings and choose the charity you would like to benefit.

More Perks

  • 30-day Return Guarantee
  • Free Protein Smoothies e-book with first order
  • Free Favorite Drink Recipes e-book to sign up for Subscribe and Save
  • Free Collagen & Bone broth recipe e-book with Collagen purchase.
  • Free Gut Recovery Recipe e-book + $10 coupon to sign up for her newsletter.
  • Newsletter – including health tips and special offers delivered to your e-mail.
  • Quizzes! Who doesn’t love quizzes! From the AMMD website: “The Diagnostic Quiz has been carefully designed to assess your health history and symptoms, and provide a personalized recommendation to take back your health. Whether it’s optimizing your diet, overcoming autoimmune disease, or healing a leaky gut, you’ll discover The Myers Way® program that is best suited to help you heal the root cause of your health challenges, and look and feel your best for years to come.”
  • Free Online Workshop: 5 Ways to Reverse Autoimmune Disease
  • Free Online Support Community
  • Amy explains EVERYTHING! Most product pages contain videos where she explains how enzymes work.
  • Customer Reviews – I’m listing these as a perk because there are a lot of them and I learn a lot from reading them.

I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my links but I am committed to recommending only high-quality products that I have tried myself and I find to be genuinely beneficial.

Thank you for visiting!

Please ask questions or leave comments below.

Love, Alison

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4 Replies to “Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD”

  1. I have read a good review about Amy Myers on Facebook and decided to research abit about this program. I am glad I cam across your site because you have a well balanced opinion. I’ll also take advantage of the discounts by using your promo code. Thank you very much for your review.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Ann! I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy Amy Myers products as much as I do. I just put the Complete Enzymes on auto-ship.

      Wishing you all the best,


  2. What a terrific person Amy must be to have created not just the products but the whole holistic idea of treating autoimmune conditions and Candida. I’ve long felt that it was all interconnected and I will be heading over there to check out all the great articles to help me feel better.

    Thanks for this great review.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lily. I do hope you can take a look at the Amy Myers website and find some helpful information for your circumstances. 

      Best to you,


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