Tips for Increasing Happiness in Your Life

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Some might say that the purpose of life itself is to pursue happiness. With that mindset, happiness actually encompasses many things including a sense of meaning and purpose in life, daily positive emotions and healthy relationships.

However, happiness is often defined differently depending on whom you ask!
Young people report that excitement is more conducive to their happiness while older people report that peacefulness is more conducive to their happiness.

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Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder

With Quiet BPD anger and blame are directed inward towards yourself.
With Quiet BPD anger and blame are directed inwardly towards yourself.

Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

You may not be familiar with Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder yet but you most likely have heard of Borderline Personality Disorder.  According to a person with Borderline Personality Disorder has a pattern of instability in relationships, intense emotions, poor self-image and impulsivity. They may go to great lengths to avoid being abandoned, make repeated suicide attempts, display intense anger that seems inappropriate to the situation or have ongoing feelings of emptiness.

Over time there comes to be a stereotypical image of any given disorder and the popular image of borderline personality disorder has become that of someone who acts out impulsively, has extreme mood swings, unreasonable fear of abandonment, angry outbursts and lack of empathy.

However, since BPD is experienced on a spectrum, the symptoms vary, and happen in different combinations. When diagnosing BPD, sometimes, because of the stereotypical image, only one end of the spectrum is focused upon.

It is the other end of that spectrum we are talking about today.

Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder

What is Quiet BPD?

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Why I Recommend Amy Myers MD

Recommend Amy Myers
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All of the above have connections to anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Amy Myers MD but if you haven’t… “Amy Myers MD is the Creator of The Myers Way®; a functional medicine approach that focuses on the individual, finding the root cause for their illness, and treating more than just the symptoms.” – Amy Myers MD website.  Her main focus is Autoimmunity, Thyroid, Leaky gut, Candida and SIBO.

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Encore Weekend Anxiety Summit 6

Update: Anxiety Summit 6 has ended. Click Here to Own the Talks.

Nov 14-16, 2020  Anxiety Summit 6 Encore Weekend!

Join for free, it’s online and you can purchase the talk videos or transcripts for a reasonable price so you can listen later.

The “top-voted” talks are listed below — all talks are unlocked today through Monday at 10 a.m. U.S. Eastern (New York time).

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Nutrients for Anxiety Relief

Update: Anxiety Summit 6 has ended. Please Click Here to Own the Talks.

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Hello Everyone!

In Trudy Scott’s 14-page eGuide, Top 10 Surprising Nutrients for Toxin Support and Anxiety Relief, you’ll discover research-backed nutrients and herbs that offer protection against toxins and provide anxiety relief!

She has also included interviews that deep-dive into each nutrient during The Anxiety Summit 6, going on Nov 2-8, 2020. Join us to learn more from the summit experts.

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