Coping Skills for Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a broad term; under that umbrella, there are myriad symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

Mental illnesses are medical conditions that affect your brain instead of, for example, your heart. There are many qualities every person has aside from their medical conditions, which also applies to people living with mental health conditions. In other words, they are not defined by their condition.

This article will discuss many facts about mental illness, coping skills for mental illness, and ways to help a friend or family member.

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What is CBT Treatment?

CBT: A powerful tool for your anti-anxiety toolbox

So what is CBT treatment?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

CBT treatment is very practical, it’s not just sitting and talking about your feelings to a therapist, it has a structure and targets specific problems.

In treatment sessions, which can be done online, a therapist helps an individual identify which situations trigger certain thoughts and in turn that their reactions and emotions come from those thoughts not from external situations.

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What is Misophonia Disorder?

I have had Misophonia Disorder since I was a teenager. It’s possible I had it before then and didn’t realize it. I didn’t know until decades later that what I was experiencing even had a name. In fact, I just realized that the term Misophonia wasn’t even being used until the year 2000… but I had it long before that.

The crazy thing about it is I am experiencing the symptoms right now as I’m writing this article!

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Pyroluria Symptoms Checklist


I briefly touched on Pyroluria in my article on Social Anxiety Disorder and I promised I would write more about it.

The first time I ever heard about Pyroluria was almost 3 years ago. I was amazed and after looking at a list of symptoms I knew that this was something I have been affected by for most of my life and my son too.

Therefore, I thought everyone would appreciate a Pyroluria Symptoms Checklist. Who doesn’t love a good checklist right? I find it helpful to have a visual resource in that form.

But first I do want to lay out some important details about Pyroluria. I hope you find this article not only interesting but helpful.

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