Coping Skills for Mental Illness

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Mental illness is a broad term; under that umbrella, there are myriad symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

Mental illnesses are medical conditions that affect your brain instead of, for example, your heart. There are many qualities every person has aside from their medical conditions, which also applies to people living with mental health conditions. In other words, they are not defined by their condition.

This article will discuss many facts about mental illness, coping skills for mental illness, and ways to help a friend or family member.

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Benefits of an Online Community

Benefits of Connecting with Others

The importance of community for mental health should not be overlooked. In fact, research shows that connecting with other people is vital to our mental health because it is a protection against anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Even if we are introverted and we don’t mind being alone for the most part, at some point we do need that connection. Maybe since we’ve been isolated during this pandemic, we’ve seen the truth of this.

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Foods That Help Anxiety

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I love the subject of food! What we eat is the very foundation for our physical and mental health!

Any other remedies or strategies we use are only going to be more effective if we are eating foods that help, not harm us.

Foods that help with anxiety and depression will include many foods that you already love.

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